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Merging a ROBOT template into Mondo

Updated 2021-08-05

Merging a ROBOT template into Mondo:

  1. Create Google sheet with ROBOT template. See example Mondo ROBOT templates here. See more details about ROBOT templates here.
  2. Click File->Share->Publish to the Web
  3. Publish the specific sheet as TSV
  4. Copy the link to the TSV
  5. Run git checkout master — mondo-edit.obo to revert mondo-edit.obo to the state it is on the master branch. This is only important if you have run the template command before.
  6. Run sh make TEMPLATE_URL="" merge_template -B (the TEMPLATE_URL should be your template link you have copied)
  7. Note - If you just want to module a tsv you have edited locally, place it somewhere into the src directory and run: sh make merge_template MERGE_TEMPLATE="modules/name_of_your_template.tsv"
  8. If all went well, mondo-edit.obo will be updated with the template.
  9. Branch + pull request
  10. As always, carefully review the diff before committing.

Recompile the template:

  1. Check out the current mondo-edit from master: git checkout master -- mondo-edit.obo
  2. In terminal: sh merge_template -B