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Make changes to Mondo via simple commands

Description: Mondo has a workflow that allows for simple changes to be added via commands added to an issue. Users can suggest addition of a synonym, obsoletion of a class, create a new class or rename a class.

  • Open a new issue with the description of the request.
  • In the description, ontobot looks for the phrase Hey ontobot!, apply:
  • This phase should be followed by bullets of KGCL (Knowledge Graph Change Language) commands
  • For e.g.:

Hey ontobot! apply: - create broad synonym 'ABCD' for MONDO:0001234

  • Commands that are functional as of now:
  • create broad synonym 'ABCD' for MONDO:0001234
  • create exact synonym 'ABCD' for MONDO:0001234
  • create narrow synonym 'ABCD' for MONDO:0001234
  • create related synonym 'ABCD' for MONDO:0001234
  • obsolete MONDO:0001234 with replacement MONDO:0001234
  • create node MONDO:0001234 'label of the class'
  • rename MONDO:0001234 from 'old label' to 'new label'