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Mondo Project Management


Documentation of project management tasks in Mondo.

Mondo roles

Role Description Person(s) Relevant issues
Lead Curator Coordinate Curation team and Technical teams, in collaboration with Technical Lead. Nicole Vasilevsky
Technical Lead Coordinate Techcnical team. Nico Matentzoglu tech, qc-call, QC
Software developer Implement technical workflows including mappings and external source ingests, and quality control checks. Joe Flack, Harshad Hegde, Deepak Unni tech, qc-call, QC
Biocurator Curate content in Mondo through iterative addition, revision and reclassification of terms and hierarchies. Liase with community. Sabrina Toro
Project Manager Oversee project management of Mondo as described below. Nicole Vasilevsky, Sarah Gehrke Project management
Medical advisor Provide medical expertise for content curation. Peter Robinson, Ada Hamosh medical input needed, Peter and Ada project board
Technical Advisor Provide advise and oversight to technical team. Chris Mungall
Strategic Advisor Provide strategic advise and oversight to technical team. Melissa Haendel
Stakeholder Engagement/Outreach Liase with community users and stakeholders and provide outreach for Mondo resource Nicole Vasilevsky, Sabrina Toro, Sarah Gehrke, Moni Munoz-Torres workshop

Recurring meetings

  • Curation call: Thursdays, 10am PT
  • Technical call: Fridays, 9am PT
  • Quarterly Medical Expert call: Every three months on the first Thursday, 12 - 2pm PT/ 3 - 5 pm ET

Mondo tasks

Task Description Who
Manage meetings Mondo meetings should be added to the Monarch shared google calendar. Members of the curation and technical teams are outlined here. Project Manager
Mondo workshops Any upcoming workshops should be organized and advertised. Ideally we should have community based Mondo workshops every 4-6 months. Project Manager
Advertising workshops Workshops should be advertised on our website, on our Slack channel, on the mailing list Project Manager
Set milestones and triage tickets All tickets should be: 1. Acknowledged, thank the contributor for the ticket, 2. Assigned to a curation or technical team member, 3. Assigned to a monthly milestone, 4. Given a label Lead Curator
Mondo Releases Mondo should be released on a monthly basis on/around the first of the month. Please refer to the pre-release checklist for necessary tasks before the release. Instructions are here. If there are any delays with the release (more than a couple days), please communicate these to the Mondo users on the mailing list and in Slack. Some of our users depend on the regular releases, such as EFO. Lead curator
Announce Mondo Release on Mastadon Post about Mondo release, see text here Project Manager
Grant reporting 1. Link Mondo tickets to Phenomics First Operations Board 2. Ensure deliverables for P1 grant are being addressed, 3. Send all dissemination artifacts to the 'nuggets' address for Monarch/TISLab (to help RPPR prepping) Lead Curator
RPPR Coordinate reporting for yearly RPPR Project Manager
Website updates The Mondo website should be regularly updated (instructions are here). Regular updates that may be needed include: Mondo users, Mondo contributors, Resources- including new papers, presentations, blog posts, etc., Workhops, FAQs should be updated as new questions arise Lead curator
Liaise with Mondo Users Keep track of Mondo users (keep contact info up to date, what project they are working on, how they are using Mondo) Lead curator
Onboarding of new contributors Refer to the onboarding doc here Lead Curator