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Mondo documentation website editing guidelines

Updated 17-Jan-2024


These instructions are for updating the Mondo documentation website (this site). The files for the web site are contained within the mondo repo and. The page content files are located under /mondo/docs and the website navigation content is located in the file mondo/mkdocs.yml. The Mondo documentation website is build using MkDocs.



Get the latest website files locally. This can either be done in the Terminal or using GitHub Desktop.

  1. Navigate to the root of the mondo repo, e.g. cd YOUR-LOCAL-DIRECTORY/mondo
  2. Fetch the latest content from master
  3. Create a feature branch using the GitHub issue number as the branch name, e.g. issue-1234
  4. Run the MkDocs server on your local computer by running this command in your Terminal at the root of the cloned mondo repo (i.e. at the same directory level where the mkdocs.yml file is located): mkdocs serve.
    To stop running the development server type Control+X Control+C in the Terminal.
  5. Make edits to the pages and view the changes at:
  6. Save the updated pages and commit the changes to the feature branch
  7. Push the changes to the remote and create a Pull Request