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X disease has basis in dysfunction of X


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Examples: collagenopathy type 2 alpha 1, hemoglobinopathy, blood platelet disease (2195 total)



{structure} {disease}


Any {disease} in which the causes of the disease is a perturbation of the {structure} leading to its dysfunction.

Equivalent to

{disease} and (disease has basis in dysfunction of some {structure})

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label disease disease_label structure structure_label
MONDO:0002245 blood platelet disease MONDO:0000001 disease or disorder CL:0000233 platelet
MONDO:0004880 bowel dysfunction MONDO:0000001 disease or disorder UBERON:0004907 lower digestive tract
MONDO:0020144 cerebrovascular dementia MONDO:0001627 dementia UBERON:0008998 vasculature of brain
MONDO:0005308 ciliopathy MONDO:0000001 disease or disorder GO:0005929 cilium
MONDO:0004603 collagenopathy MONDO:0000001 disease or disorder GO:0005581 collagen trimer

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