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disease realized in response to environmental exposure


This pattern is used for a disease, where the cause of the disease is an exposure to an environmental stimulus (using ECTO exposure terms) or a medical action, such as a therapeutic treatment (using MAxO terms). Note that this pattern does not include infectious disease or classes that would include an organism, virus or viroid. Rather it includes exposures to chemicals (includng drugs), or mixtures.

Examples: chemically-induced disorder, alcohol amnestic disorder, alcoholic polyneuropathy, chemotherapy-induced alopecia (26 total)



{disease} realized in response to {exposure}


Any {disease} that is realized in response to a {exposure}

Equivalent to

{disease} and (realized in response to some {exposure})

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label disease disease_label exposure exposure_label
MONDO:0060781 Preeyasombat-Varavithya syndrome MONDO:0001083 Fanconi renotubular syndrome ECTO:9000364 exposure to tetracycline
MONDO:0002046 alcohol abuse MONDO:0002491 substance abuse ECTO:0001082 exposure to alcohol consumption
MONDO:0021702 alcohol amnestic disorder MONDO:0001152 amnestic disorder ECTO:0001082 exposure to alcohol consumption
MONDO:0007079 alcohol dependence MONDO:0004938 substance dependence ECTO:0001082 exposure to alcohol consumption
MONDO:0021698 alcohol-related disorders MONDO:0002494 substance-related disorder ECTO:0001082 exposure to alcohol consumption

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