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Note that tumor is typically a synonym for neoplasm, although this can be context dependent. For neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), NCIT uses the nomenclature 'tumor' to indicate 'well differentiated, low or intermediate grade tumor'. This can also be called carcinoid, see We attempt to spell this out in our labels.

Examples: breast neuroendocrine neoplasm, digestive system neuroendocrine neoplasm, ovarian neuroendocrine neoplasm



{location} neuroendocrine neoplasm



A neuroendocrine neoplasm involving a {location}.

Equivalent to

neuroendocrine neoplasm and disease has location some {location}

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label location location_label
MONDO:0003504 anal canal neuroendocrine neoplasm UBERON:0000159 anal canal
MONDO:0024501 appendix neuroendocrine neoplasm UBERON:0001154 vermiform appendix
MONDO:0002485 breast neuroendocrine neoplasm UBERON:0000310 breast
MONDO:0019963 bronchial endocrine tumor UBERON:0002185 bronchus
MONDO:0002882 colon neuroendocrine neoplasm UBERON:0001155 colon

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