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Neoplasms are benign or malignant tissue growths resulting from uncontrolled cell proliferation cell types.

This is a design pattern for classes representing neoplasms based on their location. This may be the site of origin, but it can also represent a secondary site for malignant neoplasms that have metastasized.

We use the generic 'disease has location' relation, which generalized over primary and secondary sites.

Note that tumor is typically a synonym for neoplasm, although this can be context dependent. For NETs, NCIT uses the nomenclature 'tumor' to indicate 'well differentiated, low or intermediate grade tumor'. This can also be called carcinoid, see We attempt to spell this out in our labels.



{location} neoplasm



A neoplasm involving a {location}.

Equivalent to

neoplasm and disease has location some {location}

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label location location_label
MONDO:0021114 Bartholin gland neoplasm UBERON:0000460 major vestibular gland
MONDO:0021082 Meckel diverticulum neoplasm UBERON:0003705 Meckel's diverticulum
MONDO:0001884 abducens nerve neoplasm UBERON:0001646 abducens nerve
MONDO:0036591 adrenal cortex neoplasm UBERON:0001235 adrenal cortex
MONDO:0021227 adrenal gland neoplasm UBERON:0002369 adrenal gland

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