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meningioma disease has location X


A meningioma is a slow growing tumor attached to the dura mater. This is a design pattern for classes representing meningiomas based on their location. This may be the site of origin, but it can also represent a secondary site for metastatized cancer. We use the generic 'disease has location' relation, which generalized over primary and secondary sites.

Examples: skin meningioma, brain meningioma, choroid plexus meningioma (26 total)



{location} meningioma



A meningioma that affects the {location}.

Equivalent to

meningioma and (disease has location some {location})

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label location location_label
MONDO:0002997 anterior cranial fossa meningioma UBERON:0003720 anterior cranial fossa
MONDO:0000642 brain meningioma UBERON:0000955 brain
MONDO:0002996 cavernous sinus meningioma UBERON:0003712 cavernous sinus
MONDO:0003860 cerebellopontine angle meningioma UBERON:0014908 cerebellopontine angle
MONDO:0004422 cerebral falx meningioma UBERON:0006059 falx cerebri

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