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This pattern should be used for children of MONDO_0020573'inherited disease susceptibility', including OMIM phenotypic series (OMIMPS) for which the subclasses are susceptibilities. Note, this pattern should not have an asserted causative gene as logical axiom (and no single causative gene in text definition), in those cases, the susceptibility_by_gene pattern should be used instead. The children should have asserted causative genes in the text definitions and in the logical axioms. This pattern is a superclass of the susceptibility_by_gene pattern.

Examples: 'microvascular complications of diabetes, susceptibility', 'epilepsy, idiopathic generalized', 'aspergillosis, susceptibility to'.



{disease} susceptibility



An inherited susceptibility or predisposition to developing {disease}.

Equivalent to

(inherited disease susceptibility and (predisposes towards some {disease}))

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label disease disease_label
MONDO:0000093 Schistosoma mansoni infection, susceptibility MONDO:0044345 Schistosoma mansoni infectious disease
MONDO:0013562 aspergillosis, susceptibility to MONDO:0005657 aspergillosis
MONDO:0000162 autoimmune thyroid disease, susceptibility to MONDO:0005623 autoimmune thyroid disease
MONDO:0000108 bacteremia, susceptibility MONDO:0005229 bacterial infectious disease with sepsis
MONDO:0013713 dengue virus, susceptibility to MONDO:0005502 dengue disease

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