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disease or disease-like


This pattern is for grouping classes to group terms that are disease or disease-like. Sometimes we feel there is insufficient reason to group, and X and X-like are not connected via shared is-a but instead by shares-features-with. Children of this grouping class should be X and X-like disease. Examples: viral disease or post-viral disorder



{disease1} or {disease2}


A disease that presents as a {disease1} or {disease2}.

Equivalent to

{disease1} or {disease2}

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label disease1 disease1_label disease2 disease2_label
MONDO:0100318 SARS-CoV-2-related disease MONDO:0100096 COVID-19 MONDO:0100320 post-COVID-19 disorder
MONDO:0100318 SARS-CoV-2-related disease MONDO:0100320 post-COVID-19 disorder MONDO:0100096 COVID-19
MONDO:0700003 obstetric disorder MONDO:0024575 pregnancy disorder MONDO:0044013 puerperal disorder
MONDO:0700003 obstetric disorder MONDO:0044013 puerperal disorder MONDO:0024575 pregnancy disorder
MONDO:0006964 secondary hyperparathyroidism MONDO:0001530 secondary hyperparathyroidism of renal origin MONDO:0001750 non-renal secondary hyperparathyroidism

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