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This pattern is applied to a disease that is caused by an infectious agent.

Examples: hepatitis C induced liver cirrhosis, rubella encephalitis



{cause} {parent}


A {parent} that arises as a consequence of {cause}.

Equivalent to

{parent} and disease arises from feature some {cause}

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label cause cause_label parent parent_label
MONDO:0020689 AIDS dementia complex MONDO:0005109 HIV infectious disease MONDO:0001627 dementia
MONDO:0002812 infectious otitis interna MONDO:0005550 infectious disease MONDO:0002008 labyrinthitis
MONDO:0021673 post-bacterial disorder MONDO:0005113 bacterial infectious disease MONDO:0000001 disease or disorder
MONDO:0021669 post-infectious disorder MONDO:0005550 infectious disease MONDO:0000001 disease or disorder
MONDO:0021670 post-infectious syndrome MONDO:0005550 infectious disease MONDO:0002254 syndromic disease

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