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This pattern is meant to be used for chromosomal disorder which consists of the deletion of part of a chromosome in which only the chromosome which part is deleted is known (the chromosomal region is not known). Note that when the chromosomal region is known, the chromosomal_region_deletion pattern should be used. Also note that this pattern does not include the loss of the entire chromosome (monosomy).



partial deletion of {chromosome}



A chromosomal disorder consisting of the partial deletion of {chromosome}.

Equivalent to

syndrome caused by partial chromosomal deletion and (disease arises from structure some {chromosome})

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label chromosome chromosome_label
MONDO:0015607 partial chromosome Y deletion CHR:9606-chrY chromosome Y (Human)
MONDO:0016866 partial deletion of chromosome 1 CHR:9606-chr1 chromosome 1 (Human)
MONDO:0016875 partial deletion of chromosome 10 CHR:9606-chr10 chromosome 10 (Human)
MONDO:0016876 partial deletion of chromosome 11 CHR:9606-chr11 chromosome 11 (Human)
MONDO:0017277 partial deletion of chromosome 12 CHR:9606-chr12 chromosome 12 (Human)

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