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adenocarcinoma disease has location X


Adenocarcinoma is a common cancer characterized by the presence of malignant glandular cells. This is a design pattern for classes representing adenocarcinomas based on their location. This may be the site of origin, but it can also represent a secondary site for metastatized cancer. We use the generic disease has location relation, which generalized over primary and secondary sites.

Examples: adenocarcinoma of cervix uteri, pituitary adenocarcinoma (disease)



{location} adenocarcinoma



A carcinoma that arises from glandular epithelial cells of the {location}

Equivalent to

adenocarcinoma and (disease has location some {location})

Data preview

defined_class defined_class_label location location_label
MONDO:0003853 Bartholin gland adenocarcinoma UBERON:0000460 major vestibular gland
MONDO:0003410 Wolffian duct adenocarcinoma UBERON:0003074 mesonephric duct
MONDO:0018351 adenocarcinoma of penis UBERON:0000989 penis
MONDO:0004173 adenocarcinoma of skene gland origin UBERON:0010145 paraurethral gland
MONDO:0002670 ampulla of vater adenocarcinoma UBERON:0004913 hepatopancreatic ampulla

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