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Creating a New Annotation Property in Protege

  1. Go to the Annotation properties tab.
  2. Add a new property using the “+” (similar to adding a class) Picture1

  3. Name the annotation property
    The IRI for annotation properties should do not have numerical ID.
    The convention for Annotation Property IRI in Mondo is : where

    • mondo = ontology where the property is created
    • new_property = name of the annotation property, preceded by #

In order to create this IRI, manually add the IRI when creating the annotation property, as shown here:

Screen Shot 2022-04-05 at 10 01 25 AM

  1. Add annotations to this new property.
    This can be done by adding “Annotations” as would be done for any other class. Annotation required:
  2. rdfs:label
  3. is_metadata_tag with ‘true’ (added as literal)

Note: - "is_metadata_tag" MUST be added when adding a new annotation property in obo, in order to obo to recognize the new annotation property.
- Even though no other annotations are required for annotation properties, it is a idea to add a comment or other useful informationt hat would allow someone to re-use the annotation property. Minimal required information is proposed here .